Monday, September 26, 2011

I think I made the right choice....October 8th the new date for the bottle ride!

Course conditions on Saturday were summed up best with this:
Picture courtesy of Monkey C productions.

October 8th is new date for the Bottle Ride!

I am glad to know I made the right choice- no one hates cleaning their bike(s) as much as I do after mud.

Not to mention what it would have done to our beloved trails. This season has been hard with all the rain.

Thank you all for understanding and being OK with the date change- it did not seem to change registration too much and I am certainly blessed with a great group of people coming to the event.

Few more items:-There is no "dad's who dont ride" category- just mens, womens and singlespeed.
-40 is the magic number and I am just about there- just a few more spots.
-The event seems stacked with local honches- these are the boys who ride hard and know the lines cold, who do not normally compete. True dark horses. I am not normally a betting man, unless it is a sure thing, but my guess is that the plaque for the 2011 TBR champion is going to a home in the county of Westchester.

I hope to see you out there.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Bottle Ride update- Date change due to weather.

Saying prayers to the race gods.

After some heavy worship at the alter of the trail gods for an optimal event on all fronts, it has become clear that most of the pieces were present and accounted for:

-Plates done. (check)

-Excellent wine selection done. (check)

-Winners plaque done. (check)

-Most excellent cast of characters showing up. (check)

Weather and trail conditions are crucial components and they have opted not to do their part- evidently booking your event well in advance does not equate to having good weather.

With a heavy heart and the risk of losing riders, I have opted to move the event: I worry more about the trails and rider safety than I do about participation. It is a fun event, and I want to have fun.

NEW DATE: October 8th.

I sincerely hope this does not cause any inconvenience or change your scheduled appearance at the bottle ride: It just would not be the same with out you.

All other details remain the same!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The bottle ride map:

photo.JPG by georouan
photo.JPG, a photo by georouan on Flickr.

TBR this Saturday 9/24 @ Blue Mountain Peekskill.

Before I delve into the first set of details a big word of thanks to you:

Thank you so very much for your interest and participation in this project- it something I have dreamt/thought/talked about for close to three years. Last year was the first one and it served as proof of concept- this years TBR is a fulfillment of roughly a years work and is closer to the vision. I am keenly aware that your time and energy is precious- you could be spending your Ssturday doing anything- so with that knowledge I am honored that you choose to come to my ride. Thank you.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the bottle ride please email me to let me know as I am really hoping for as close to 40 people showing up.


The venue: Blue Mountain, Peekskill NY.
Meet at the top of the Myxx Monster trail.

Registration: Registration opens at 8.30 and closes at roughly 9.10 (don't worry too much if you are late though).
Race meeting: There will a very brief meeting prior to the start of the race at 9.20.
Race starts at 9.30AM.

The course is as follows- start at the top of monster, go down the "myx monster" trail, up the "boundary trail" and then up " left lung", cut across to the entrance of "my favorite trail" and then finish up on the "rambler" trail.

The course, while technical in nature, is very straightforward. Easy to follow with out a map and even easier to follow when marked.
The course will be marked the night before.

Please note: the start and finish are in separate locations.

Course map will be posted here shortly- pending photos.
I will also be able to email you a gps file- just let me know.

The format: This is a time trial. Riders will be sent out in intervals of 30 seconds.

Passing: If you are caught while out on the course by the rider behind you, let he/she pass when it is safe.

Weather: this is not a rain or shine event. The event will be called if conditions are suspect.

Finally a little of the heavy stuff:
Safety: Ride within yourself as this event is about fun. There is an inherent danger to riding in the woods- by signing up for the ride you are assuming all liabilities. The bottle ride assumes no responsibilities for your safety.

More details to be revealed this Friday.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bottle ride notes:

Bottle ride notes:
Slightly better organized.[
-Number plates are in the bag: a sense of relief is welcome as now I can focus on other details like the winners plaques. 40 and change in total- Can I say I like them without sounding stupid?
40+ plates.
Already shredding.
-Entries coming from the north to the south, east and west: the finest folks are coming. From former winners, to dads of future winners(this boy is ripping on the bike and off- with top notch genetics from both parents he is a future Olympian for sure), to new friends, and old friends are all coming: the spots are filling up. About 10 spots to go till I meet my goal of 40. Thank you everyone for signing up.
Making art and drinking wine.

Course details will be emailed out to all signed up participants in the next day or so. H2H racers this Sunday should get a sneak peak of the course at the mighty Chain Stretcher. The Stretcher is one of the best races at one of the best venues in the area- my 2nd favorite race.
You can guess what my first favorite one is.

I hope to see you there.