Monday, October 22, 2012

It is over.

Local legends, visiting dignitaries, friends and noveau friends converged on an old road to ride some singletrack.

Individually setting off, up a hill, riders faced technical single track under leaf cover for a prize of a bottle of wine.

Some came in lycra, others in the more unconventional flannel.

And what ever personal performance they may have conjured up on this very day, it was their best performance, when many said no. IMG_1165 For the record- fastest ride was on a 26.
 Here are the results: 
1. Bean 54.57
2. Lorenzo 55.13
3. GT Luke 59.18
 4. Mitchell 59.28
5. Marc 59.43
6. Art 59.48
7. Roger 59.49
8. Tom 1.00.16
9. Matt NY 1.00.38
10. Jeffro 1.03.01
11. JDog 1.06.21
12. Kevin 1.07.30
13. Gary 1.10.32
14. Chris 1.11.03
15. Ellen 1.12.52
16. Radio Voice 1.13.30
17. Noah 1.18.26
18. Massimo 1.29.30
19. Nate 1.31

Thank you all for coming- I look forward to this all year. Tom of Yorktown Cycles.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunday right around the corner.

I have, for a short while longer, two sets of hand painted number plates.
I like them.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

New date.


October 21- Sunday.
As always, spacing is limited and the fun is limitless.
Heavy worship to the weather and bike gods in the hopes of safe and bountiful ride.

Emails will be sent tonight to all registered riders- new spots to open based on head count.
Shoot me an email if you have any questions-

Thank you again for your interest in the ride.