Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Open letter to the riders and results:

Last Sunday all of you showed up to some place in the woods to attempt to have your best performance on a technical and fitness testing course.

Participants came from all directions, all skill levels and many age ranges. Amongst the large cast of great characters to show up at 9AM were a trio of double X assassins from Campmor, a visiting dignitary (dignitary- the term I use when I forget my shoes/helmet/bike for an event, ride or race.) from NYC's finest shop, a fine photographer, the tribe, some of the best from the north, a show of force from mountain bikers from the city, representation from the world famous WMBA, someone who has never raced ever in her life and a man who showed up riding a rigid singlespeed who knew a thing or two about going fast.

The experience was setup with a test down the Monster trail and up Ned's. Format: Riders set off at 30 second intervals.

While there are many highlights, here are a few that stick out:

A. A certain racer who after having a little trouble finding the start (he got a little lost) rode up the monster trail missing the official start. Out of breath from rushing up the climb, drenched in sweat from the effort, but in true style, stopped only for a minute at most to then turn around and do the whole course. A great way to honor the event.
B. Rigid and single: Sometimes it is so humbling when one of those guys shows up and just straight up murders.
C. People riding with people they did not really know after the event- For some reason that resonated with me when a couple of people told me that they rode with people they did not know. Why not know more people? Very cool.
D. My girl: while I would not been able to discourage her, and I certainly did not approve, as most may not know this, but it is a Herculean effort to be on a bike 3 days after treatment (let alone go down monster)-she help make it a day I wont soon forget. A man is lucky when his girlfriend is a member of the Super Friends.
E. The racer who came across the line chain in hand after sprinting the last 1/4 mile. The competitive spirit that pushes you to run and not walk is great to witness.
F. The finish: A short, sharp rise that can ensnare the best of us. Whether or not you cleared it or not, the look of relief that it was made the event a success in itself.

Thank you participants for your time and energy: The process, the effort and idea were all vindicated by you- I had hoped for this, a gathering of like minded people for an event in the woods.
New friends made: Check!
Old friends seen again: Check!
A few laughs: Check!
Painting finished: Check!
Fulfill need to create bike gathering: Check!

Gracias people.

See you at the next one!


1. Ellen 32.40
2.Tony 35.27
3.Lorenzo 28.03
4.Aaron 33.38
5.Marianne 30.18
6.Darlene 30.21
7.Samantha 48.45
8.Brittney 1.10.47
9.Guillaume 27.19
10.Robert M 35.16
11.Robert D 33.18
12.Dave S 44.56
13.Daniel 27.08
14.Tony B 34.18
15.Jonathan 39.37
16.Jose 41.09
17.Dave L 26.10
18.Jamie 27.34
20.Bob 32.40
21.Kim 46.05
22.Mike O 31.50
23.Austin 28.57
24.Chris S 30.02
25.Matt J 31.59
26.Danny 38.00
27.Oreo 33.05

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  1. You said "Next one"! I'm definitely in!

    Awesome event, thanks again!