Wednesday, October 5, 2011

With Saturday fast approaching, activity at TBR HQ has kicked into high gear:

Lists are being checked: (check)

-Plates done. (check)
-Excellent wine selection done. (check)
-Winners plaque done. (check)
-Most excellent cast of characters showing up. (check)
-Weather and conditions are abiding to the rules of the play ground. (check)

While nothing is ever in stone, and while I might be tempting fate, it does look like the heavy worship at the alter of the round wheel and the ritualistic head gear I have been donning at night has worked- skies for the next couple of days look clear just enough for trails to dry out.

Regardless of event, I sense the collective sigh of local riders who have been jonesing for mountain bike time after what has been a period of rain that was starting to test the mental fortitude of even the strongest- in some ways it served as a reminder how crucial the trails are to all of us.


The trails are looking to be dry for all- TBR riders and all mountain bikers alike- as that season, which shall not be named, that covers the sweet single track making it passable sur le Velo impossible is not far off and we all of the truly devote need these final moments of communion.

So whether or not you show up for my home made labor of love, I hope you are all getting out there- time is certainly finite and it needs to be filled with action.

For riders of TBR- refer to the ride guide I have emailed you.

Questions? Shoot them my way to

To all riders- have a great weekend while the getting is good.

I hope to see you out there.


  1. Such a good time! Curious to see how O'Hara did. Thanks again for putting it all together. So much fun! Looking forward to the 3rd Annual BR!

  2. No pictures for me to live vicariously through?