Thursday, August 18, 2011

The process continues- more details, riders confirmed and a little insight to the project.

The number plates are hand painted- which does not make them better  than a non-hand painted number plate, it just means I spent a bunch of time on each one. I hope it mirrors in some small way the time and energy people put into their riding.
Whether it is training for a competitive event or a fun ride, riders work on getting better through practice (both technique and the physical element that is involved in biking). There are some who make great sacrifices to make the most of what they do. It is something I deeply respect in the most devote practitioner's work ethic and discipline-all that work and energy that goes into training and diet is an art form in itself.
That is where some of the genesis of the bottle ride comes from- the rest is a mix of wanting to meet new people and see who would turn out for an "event" that is not a part of any formal agency/organization/series. Who are you people?

Riders are starting to confirm for the 2nd annual bottle ride- with about a month away, I feel hopeful in my personal goal of getting forty riders to show up for some great singletrack and a bottle of wine. 

I hope to see you out there.

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