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Saturday, September 24 2011.

The 2nd annual Bottle Ride on Saturday, September 24 2011.
Winner in three seperate classes takes the bottle and the plaque.
Course details will be revealed soon.
I hope to see you out there.
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Bonzai tree.
What is this? A group ride that happens to be timed with a bottle of wine as the prize.

Format: Timed runs with riders separated by 1/2 minute intervals. Fastest person to go down, then up earns themselves a bottle of wine. If 5 or more girls ride, their prize is a bottle of champagne. If 5 or more singlespeeders show up, then their prize will be a bottle of wine. Strict adherence to the honor code and all IMBA rules apply.

The course: It is technical and requires fitness. A good expert class racer will finish the course in roughly 40 minutes.

Where: The exact details of the course and location of the event will revealed at a later date, but it is within Westchester county.

Limited Seating: Capacity constraints keep this event to truly limited seating. Advance registration only. Please email to reserve your place. Due to the nature of the event, details are on a need to know basis and will not be release until a few days before the event.

Admission: No cost other than being a participant through out the ride. Come to the meeting point. Sign in and register. Hear the opening statement. Line up. Race. Finish. Stay for the brief closing ceremony and awards. At that point you are free to go ride and explore the most excellent trails.

The event is free with a few conditions: 1. One must be willing to have your picture taken. 2. Must return the number plate. 3. Finally,all rules apply. These include the following: A. It is a gentleman's (or gentlewoman's) ride, so obviously no cheating. B. If someone is hurt, please stop and help-this is about fun. C. IMBA rules apply.D. No drinking of the wine on site of the event- Anyway, one should be drinking fine wine with fine food.

Apres Ride: After the event and a good bit of dirt riding, riders are encouraged to go to the Local Brewery for booze and victuals at around 1PM.

When: Saturday the 24th of September. Sign in as 8.30AM. Ride starts at 9.30AM.

Please email for more details and entrance into the event:

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