Monday, September 26, 2011

I think I made the right choice....October 8th the new date for the bottle ride!

Course conditions on Saturday were summed up best with this:
Picture courtesy of Monkey C productions.

October 8th is new date for the Bottle Ride!

I am glad to know I made the right choice- no one hates cleaning their bike(s) as much as I do after mud.

Not to mention what it would have done to our beloved trails. This season has been hard with all the rain.

Thank you all for understanding and being OK with the date change- it did not seem to change registration too much and I am certainly blessed with a great group of people coming to the event.

Few more items:-There is no "dad's who dont ride" category- just mens, womens and singlespeed.
-40 is the magic number and I am just about there- just a few more spots.
-The event seems stacked with local honches- these are the boys who ride hard and know the lines cold, who do not normally compete. True dark horses. I am not normally a betting man, unless it is a sure thing, but my guess is that the plaque for the 2011 TBR champion is going to a home in the county of Westchester.

I hope to see you out there.

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