Tuesday, September 20, 2011

TBR this Saturday 9/24 @ Blue Mountain Peekskill.

Before I delve into the first set of details a big word of thanks to you:

Thank you so very much for your interest and participation in this project- it something I have dreamt/thought/talked about for close to three years. Last year was the first one and it served as proof of concept- this years TBR is a fulfillment of roughly a years work and is closer to the vision. I am keenly aware that your time and energy is precious- you could be spending your Ssturday doing anything- so with that knowledge I am honored that you choose to come to my ride. Thank you.

If for any reason you are unable to attend the bottle ride please email me to let me know as I am really hoping for as close to 40 people showing up.


The venue: Blue Mountain, Peekskill NY.
Meet at the top of the Myxx Monster trail.

Registration: Registration opens at 8.30 and closes at roughly 9.10 (don't worry too much if you are late though).
Race meeting: There will a very brief meeting prior to the start of the race at 9.20.
Race starts at 9.30AM.

The course is as follows- start at the top of monster, go down the "myx monster" trail, up the "boundary trail" and then up " left lung", cut across to the entrance of "my favorite trail" and then finish up on the "rambler" trail.

The course, while technical in nature, is very straightforward. Easy to follow with out a map and even easier to follow when marked.
The course will be marked the night before.

Please note: the start and finish are in separate locations.

Course map will be posted here shortly- pending photos.
I will also be able to email you a gps file- just let me know.

The format: This is a time trial. Riders will be sent out in intervals of 30 seconds.

Passing: If you are caught while out on the course by the rider behind you, let he/she pass when it is safe.

Weather: this is not a rain or shine event. The event will be called if conditions are suspect.

Finally a little of the heavy stuff:
Safety: Ride within yourself as this event is about fun. There is an inherent danger to riding in the woods- by signing up for the ride you are assuming all liabilities. The bottle ride assumes no responsibilities for your safety.

More details to be revealed this Friday.

I look forward to seeing you on Saturday.

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